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New York Times Profiles Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill Neighborhood

July 11, 2013
A glimpse of the real estate in Clinton Hill.

A glimpse of the real estate in Clinton Hill.

The oldest real estate cliche in the book is, of course, “location, location, location.”  That’s just what this New York Times piece on the burgeoning Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn is all about.

I’m Gary Richetelli, long time realtor and property management expert, and this is my take on what the NYT had to say about Clinton Hill.  Those in the market to rent or buy home always have diverse needs and desires.  In the case of the couple mentioned in this article, I would tweak the old adage to read, “compromise, compromise, compromise.”  Mr. Mona, profiled in the article, was looking for a spot that made him feel like he was still part of the community.  His wife, Ms. Page, was looking for a bustling main street where everything she needed was within walking distance.  Clinton Hill seemed to fit the bill for both of them.

With around forty years of real estate experience under my belt, I’ve seen plenty of neighborhoods change over the years.  Clinton Hill is no exception.  Ms. Page found her “main street” in the form of Myrtle Ave., which as the article mentions has become a draw only recently.  As in many cases of neighborhood rebirths, an infusion of young people in the form of a college is partly the cause.  Academic institutions can often be a game changer when it comes to not only property values, but also the general mood of a neighborhood.  If you are in the market for a home in an up and coming neighborhood, picking somewhere with an up and coming university is usually not a bad hedge.

A major element of any neighborhood for many families is the access to good schools.  The NYT article only briefly mentions the schools in Clinton Hill, but it is worth nothing that some of the schools in the area have standardized test scores above the city wide average.

Overall, it seems that Clinton Hill is rapidly becoming a great destination for those looking to “have it all” when it comes to finding a place to live.


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