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Gary Richetelli Experience

For more than forty years, Gary Richetelli has been a compelling member of the Connecticut commercial real estate circle.  Here are some of the jobs that he’s held along with some of his exploits at those jobs:

Commercial Development Company-President, September 2005

Commercial Development Company is a full service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Advisory Firm. The company manages properties across the entire state,  particularly in New Haven County including a strong emphasis along route 1 corridor from Milford to West Haven.

Oceanside Development Associates- President, September 2003 – August 2005

Gary Richetelli was the president of oceanside development associates from September 2003-August 2005. Oceanside Development Associates was a real estate development and management company.

Guardian Management Company-Principal,  May 1993 – August 2003

Gary Richetelli was a principle at Guardian Management Company from May 1992-August 2003. Guardian Management Company was a successful Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Company.

Colonial Properties-President, July 1978 – April 1993

Gary Richetelli was the President of Colonial properties for nearly 15 years. Colonial Properties was a Commercial and Investment Real Estate Company.

These are just some of Gary’s experiences in the real estate business.  He brings years of experience to his blog on the latest trends in the industry so check back regularly for updates!

Associations and Memberships

ICSCGary is or has been involved in several associations that work to further the cause of real estate development.  His expertise has allowed him to be a contributing member to both the International Council of Shopping Centers and the National Association of Home Builders.

National Association of Home Builders

Home Builder Association Logo

The National Association of Home Builders works to protect the interest of both new home builders and buyers.

The National Association of Homebuilders is an organization that focuses on many of the top issues surrounding the construction of new home in the United States.  Not only do they work to protect the interests of builders, but also those of the consumer.  Among their major goals and causes are working toward the preservation of manageable mortgages and down payments for potential homebuyers, raising public awareness of the importance of new home construction to the overall strength of the U.S. economy, and working toward affecting overarching immigration reform.

The NAHB also has prioritized their green building initiative in the last several years.

A recent blog post on the NAHB website discusses the construction of a new standard in green living, known as the VISION Home.  Located in downtown Tuscon’s Armory Park neighborhood, the VISION Home was initially constructed as a means for owner, John Miller to retrofit his longtime home to be on par with current green standards.  The result is a home that was constructed up to the Gold Level of the ICC 700 Nationa Green Building Standard.  It includes the latest in green building technology, like solar panels, zero-VOC paint, and counters constructed from recycled glass.

It’s Green building initiatives like these in addition to their many other projects that make Gary Richetelli a proud member of the NAHB.

Gary is not only a seasoned veteran of the real estate development industry, he is also very active in his community.

Gary Richetelli: Community Initiatives 

wcf_logoGary is involved with the Walter Camp Football Foundation, which maintains the long standing tradition of selecting the oldest college football all-star team.  The organization also helps raise funds and awareness for various charities and causes.  Founded on the principles of leadership demonstrated by Walter Camp, the father of modern football, the Walter Camp Football Foundation continues to strive toward his ideal.  Born in 1859, Camp went on to develop football into the game we know today from it’s English predecessor, Rugby.  Camp’s legacy is more than his contribution to America’s most popular game.  He also set an example for physical fitness as an all-around athlete.  He was a swimmer, runner, and tennis player, who served as an inspiration for many athletes of the day.  Gary is proud to be associated with the traditions of this great organization.

Amity Club Logo of New Haven CT

The Amity Club promotes civic engagement and ethical business in New Haven, CT.

Gary Richetelli is also active with the Amity Club of New Haven.  The Amity Club was founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1936 as a place for aspirational Italian immigrants to share ideas about business.  The club was founded on the idea that Italian Americans could be both proud of their Italian heritage as well as their status as Americans.

Members of the Amity Club still work to promote civil service, charitable works, and ethical business practices in the New Haven area.

He is also a member of the Business Volunteers for the Arts, a non-profit which works to create partnerships between business executives and volunteer organizations as well as the National Italian Americans Foundation.

Gary Richetelli’s Education

Gary Richetelli attended the University of Bridgeport where he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration.   With an eye for business, Gary decided to pursue his education further.  He was accepted to the University of New Haven where he earned his Masters of Business Administration.

Known to its students as UB, the University of Bridgeport is a private university on the Long Island Sound.  UB has been praised for its diversity, boasting one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation.  UB has students from 80 countries and 46 of the 50 United States.  UB was originally the Junior College of Connecticut, which was founded in 1927.  In 1947 the Connecticut legislature created a charter which made UB a four year University.  Notable alumni include former professional basketball player, Manute Bol, professional football player, George Dixon, and actor Bill Smitrovich.

University of New Haven, where Gary earned his MBA, has been named in the top 100 universities in the Northeastern part of the United States by US News and World Report.  The main campus is located in West Haven, while the graduate school can be found in Orange, Connecticut.  The school is made up of five colleges from which four year degrees can be earned: College of Arts and Sciences, COllege of Business, Tagliatela College of Engineering, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justic, and the College of Lifelong and ELearning for Adult and Online Students.

The University of New Haven has produced various standout alumni including former Miami Dolphins head coach, Tony Sparano, Actor James McCaffrey, and professional baseball player, Steven Bedrosian.

Gary Richetelli is proud to have earned his Masters at the University of New Haven.

Learn More

Check out these brief video resumes to learn more about Gary’s career in Real Estate Development.

Gary on Vimeo:

Gary Richetelli of Commercial Development Company from Gary Richetelli on Vimeo.

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